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From the shipowner Eugenio to candles for yachts

From ecclesiastical waxworks to big brands like Gucci, Tod's, Riva hulls, Jil Sander, Antinori, Roy

Rogers, the ties Marinella, Acqua di Parma. The signatures are many and range widely, turning to the Migone sisters to make creative candles for sale in their stores or to be paid to customers and partners.

La Cereria Migone was founded by Eugenio in 1866, a shipowner who came to Florence to buy ropes and wax for his ships.

As long as to ravish the heart she was a damsel. From which all the rest, up to the sixth generation with Francesca and Sabrina who after the flood from Florence have moved to Scandicci and are part of the Union of Historical Enterprises Italian.

Two million euros in turnover, the bulk of which was sent to illuminate saints and altars of convents and cathedrals from central Italy, 20% to famous brands that demand a customized product,lastly, for two years a line signed by Migone which for the moment contributes 10%.

 But the Migone sisters see long and believe in the potential of these candles declined in pink, in

fig, in the flavor of the sea, in the most purely Christmas amber in the shop

at 46 euro-